What Are Some Of The Things That Prevent You From Being Approved For A Mobile Phone Plan?

If you have never applied for a mobile phone contract and gotten rejected, you might not be able to appreciate the wondrous role that no credit check mobile phone plans play in the contemporary society. Being denied a chance to use a mobile phone simply because your credit score is in tatters is something that every sane person dreads. It is a night mare of sorts, an indictment on your personality, and a sentence on financial responsibility. The horror of being rejected aside, let’s take a look at some of the things that actually prevent you from being approved for a mobile phone plan.

Poor payment history

If you have a distasteful payment history, it negatively affects your credit report. Your credit report is what tells your provider whether you are responsible in handling finances or not. The worst the status of your credit report, the higher the chances of you getting approved for a mobile phone contract.

Having accounts that have been rolled over to collectors

If you were unable to repay some loans in the past and your accounts were rolled over to collections, it adversely affects your credit score and consequently hinders your ability to get approved for a mobile phone contract. Mobile phone contract providers are wary of individuals who have a history of defaults and therefore rarely approve them for a mobile phone plan as they see them as a risk to their profits.

Over extension of credit

If you have in the past sought to extend your credit or consolidated your debt, it comes across to the lenders or mobile phone contract providers that you are financially irresponsible. This is a red flag and mobile phone providers see you as a risk to them and would most likely not approve you for a mobile phone plan.

Errors on your credit report

At times, you could actually get declined for a mobile phone plan not because you actually have a low credit rating but because the errors on your report reflect that you have a low credit score. You therefore need to check your credit report before application and have any errors fixed. To sum it up, getting declined for a mobile phone contract is never a pleasant thing. As such, if you are seeking to apply for a loan of sorts or a mobile phone plan in the near future, you need to take measures to improve your credit rating. Alternatively, you could go for any of the available bad credit or guaranteed mobile phone plans offered by a number of providers in the market.