Surefire Ways to Get a Mobile Phone Plan with No Credit Check

Unless you just resurfaced from Siberia, you will agree with me that mobile phones are part and parcel of our daily lives. They are like an extension of sorts to our bodies. We use our phones as a camera, as a computer, as a watch, as a game system, as an alarm clock, as a timer, to seek for directions and so many other things. In light of this, can you imagine what it was like before a mobile phone was invented? I mean, how did people survive those days? Our mobile phones have become our lives so much so that it’s unimaginable going for a day without a mobile phone.

As essential as a mobile phone is, getting one can be a daunting and frustrating task especially if your credit score is not in good standing. Mobile phone carriers would want to check your credit score before they can approve you for a mobile phone contract. By having a peek at your credit history, they are trying to establish how you’ve handled finances in the past and whether you are sound to handle a mobile phone contract. Credit checks have become a way of life, a routine of sorts, and the modus operandi for numerous mobile phone providers in the UK and the world in general.

So how do you get approved for a mobile phone contract or plan with no credit check?

Make a deposit payment upfront

It’s a wrap. Majority of mobile phone contract service providers approve applicants for a mobile phone contract if they pay a deposit upfront. People with bad credit are generally regarded as high risk and that is why they are rarely approved for a mobile phone contract. However, paying a deposit upfront mitigates the risk on the part of the provider and therefore they have no reason as to why they can’t approve your application. The deposit is generally refunded at the expiry of your contract provided that you were timely in your payments.

Look for a co-signer

You are more likely to get approved for a mobile phone plan if you get a co-signer to guarantee you. However, the co-signer you get must have a good credit score otherwise you can forget about getting approved. In the event you fail to make payments as outlined in your contract or as agreed, your co-signer will be held liable.

Be enjoined as an authorized user on another credit card

There are a number of credit card companies that actually allow card holders to authorize someone else to use their credit card. This could be your loving spouse or your beloved parents. However, the card holder needs to be in good standing in so far as credit score is concerned. In this kind of arrangement, the credit card holder discharges your monthly bills on your contract.

Go for a prepaid plan

At the end of the day, if you have no deposit to pay upfront, has no co-signer or no one to authorize you to use their credit card, the last option is to go for a prepaid plan. Prepaid phone plans do not require credit checks as there are no mobile phones that pose a risk to the provider.