1) What is a “no credit check mobile phone contract”?

A no credit check mobile phone contract as the name implies is a kind of mobile phone contract where credit checks don’t play a central role in your approval. This is a kind of contract where your credit score is not a major determinant in the approval of your contract. It’s a contract designed for people with bad credit, a low credit score or people who have a history of CJJs.

2) How many no credit check mobile phone plans do you offer?

At Jordan Phones, we understand that we deal with customers from different walks of life with different financial capabilities. As such, we have a variety of no credit checks mobile phone plans to ensure that our customers have choice and can choose a plan that suits their own budget. Irrespective of your financial circumstances, tastes or preferences, you can be assured that we always have a suitable plan to suit your needs.

3) What are my chances of being approved when I apply for a mobile phone contract?

Jordan Phones is all about ensuring that we do not in any way make you experience the rejection feeling again. You therefore have a 99% chance of being approved when you apply for any of our mobile phone plans. We do not decline your application based on your credit score. If you are rejected, it could be because of an error you made during application.

4) What are the requirements before I can apply for a mobile phone contract?

In order to qualify for any of our mobile phone plans, we require you to be a resident of the UK, be 18 years and above and provide proof of income. It’s as simple as that!

5) What mobile handsets are available to choose?

With the launch of the iPhone 6, people are itching to get their phone on the latest piece of technological wonder from Apple. That notwithstanding, we offer our customers a wide array of smartphones that they can choose while applying for a mobile phone contract. This could be a HTC phone, Any of the Samsung galaxy models, Motorola handsets, windows/Microsoft phones, Huawei handsets, or any other kind of the top smartphones available in the market.

6) Is it mandatory for me to make an upfront deposit?

Yes, we require you to make a payment upfront so as to mitigate risks on our side considering that we don’t perform or take credit checks into consideration. However, this is not in any way a ploy to deter our customers but rather a means through which we differentiate between the serious and the not so serious customers.

7) Do you only offer mobile contracts for brand new phones?

No. Jordan Phones understands that customers are never the same and don’t have the same financial might. In this regard, we offer mobile phone contracts for brand new phones as well as for the refurbished. The refurbished phones contracts are slightly cheaper and designed for those with a small budget.

8) Do I have to change my number on being approved for a mobile phone contract?

No. we collaborate with major network providers across the UK and therefore you can always choose a plan offered by your own network. The upside to this is that you do not have to change your number when you apply for a mobile phone contract with us.

9) Is there an option for an upgrade after a few months?

If you demonstrate diligence in making your monthly payments as agreed during the approval of your contract, you can be rest assured of an upgrade if you so want to and an addition of benefits to your current contract.

10) How long do you require me to be committed to a contract?

Generally, the standard commitment period for a mobile phone contract is 12 months. However, we need customers applying for our no credit check mobile phone plans be committed for at least a period of 18 months.