About Us

Jordan Phones was specifically designed to bridge the gap between those with a healthy history and those with bad credit. For a long time, individuals with bad credit were discriminated upon when it came to approval of mobile phone contracts. Jordan Phones saw this as misguided and an attempt to treat a certain clique of individuals as second class. As such, we began providing no credit check mobile phone plans for individuals with a poor credit rating. Our resolve has seen scores of people across the UK to be approved for mobile phone contracts and put behind them the disappointment of being rejected every time they made an application.

From the time we started operations, we have been able to help thousands of people with bad credit across the UK get approved for mobile phone contracts without being ostracized because of the status of their credit score. We provide a variety of plans designed to ensure that we bring on board customers with different kinds of credit scores. Our highly skilled and trained customer personnel have been at the forefront of enlightening our customers on the deals that we offer; the benefits and their obligations.

Our core aim as a leading provider is to ensure that our customers get approved every time they apply for a mobile phone contract. We therefore continue to come up with plans that effectively match our customers’ needs and ensuring that they get the best deal every time they make an application.