It ching to be approved for a mobile phone contract but fear the incessant rejections because of your credit score? Are you looking for a provider who can approve you for a mobile phone contract without resorting to performing detailed credit checks? Are you one of those people who have been rejected in the past and looking for a change? If you answered in the affirmative to all the above, its time you approached us and we can promise you that we will change your life for the better. Jordan Phones is not a new name in the field of mobile phone contracts. As a leading and respected mobile phone contract provider across the UK, we continue to set the pace and lead by example.

We believe that no one should be denied an opportunity to enjoy the perks that mobile phone contracts offer simply because they have bad credit. Our good rapport with various network providers across the UK has made it possible for us to help our customers within the United Kingdom get approved for mobile phone contracts irrespective of how bad their credit score might be.

What we do

As a leading mobile phone contract provider, we believe that the ultimate satisfaction of our customers inform our very own success. In this regard, we are not only committed to helping our clients with bad credit get approved for a mobile phone contract but also continually engage and partner with industry leaders to ensure that the decision they ultimately settle for is informed and in their own best interest. We have customer personnel who have undergone the necessary training to professionally advice first time customers and explain to them a variety of our no credit check mobile phone plans.

Conversely, we also direct them to check out our partners such as Money Supermarket to get a rough idea of the various mobile phones available under different plans as well as a comparison of the different plans we offer.

Our vision and mission

As a well respected no credit checks mobile phones contract provider, we aspire to enlighten our customers on the whole aspect of mobile phone contracts with bad credit. Our mission is to ensure that we help as many people as possible with bad credit to get approved when they apply for a mobile phone contract of their own choice. Our vision is to ensure that everyone who has bad credit does not have to face rejections in the foreseeable future. Provided that you meet the required threshold, we are always committed and ready to ensure that you get a favorable deal with majority of the network providers across the UK.

What we believe in

At Jordan Phones, we believe that our customers and their subsequent happiness and satisfaction are our greatest objective. We are constantly working towards improving our services with the aim of ensuring that our customers get the best treatment. It is for this reason that we have invested in the best professionals to help our customers understand the different plans on offer, how they can fast track the approval process and the benefits they stand to benefit in the short and long run. We also believe that we cannot be successful if our customers are unhappy with our services. This explains why we have created networks with important partners to ensure that our customers get everything they deserve without having to go through a lot of hassles.


As a policy, culture and tradition, we believe that expediting the approval process is one of the reasons why our customers keep coming back. In this regard, we purpose and are committed to getting our customers who apply for no credit check mobile phone plans get approved within 24 hours of making their application. Contact us today and have a sneak peek at our affordable plans today!